Zoomba will combine cryptocurrency and rideshare service to create the first substainable masternode/rideshare service ever created.

Making masternodes have a true real-world use, a person can use Zoomba rewards to pay for travel without ever having to pay out of pocket or sell their masternodes. People can simply accumulate ZBA rewards and use those for day-to-day travel. No more depending on centralized services. No more waiting for buses or taxis.

Zoomba will be the first decentralized rideshare service to bring crypto to the masses.

Zoomba will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.


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Zoomba has been added to the WorxS platform.

Zoomba has been added to the WorxS platform. Users that register their Zoomba address with WorxS will be rewarded via the platform, similar to rains on discord. Check in here, on their WorkS Discord channel.


@hungryCaterpillar joined Zoomba team

Dear Zoomba community, With a great pleasure I would like to welcome @hungryCaterpillar#4142(discord)/ @caterHung(twitter) to Zoomba team! Job title: Zoomba media promoter and content creator. She will help us to increase the exposure of Zoomba Read more


For your attention!

Hi Zoombas, Due to an un-patched vulnerability on PIVX proof of stake algorithm which affects all it’s forks, including Zoomba, Crypto-Bridge has temporary disabled deposit/withdraws for more coins. Zoomba trade inside CB is not affected, Read more

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