Zoomba will combine cryptocurrency with a new use-case which soon will come up!

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Zoomba is a blockchain-based ridesharing business that will merge cryptocurrencies and ridesharing to produce the world's first self-sustaining masternode/ridesharing service. Almost every industry has adopted bitcoin, which led us to believe that it would be a good idea to include it into riding services. Because of its apparent benefits and the market's usage of crypto robots in cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency has increased in popularity. Automated trading robots, such as Bitcoin Prime, use complex algorithms to execute safe and profitable trading. Visit https://bitcoinprime.io/de/ for detailed information and to get started with trading.


Zoomba has been added to the WorxS platform.

Zoomba has been added to the WorxS platform. Users that register their Zoomba address with WorxS will be rewarded via the platform, similar to rains on discord. Check in here, on their WorkS Discord channel.


@hungryCaterpillar joined Zoomba team

Dear Zoomba community, With a great pleasure I would like to welcome @hungryCaterpillar#4142(discord)/ @caterHung(twitter) to Zoomba team! Job title: Zoomba media promoter and content creator. She will help us to increase the exposure of Zoomba Read more

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